Trying to make sense out of the nonsense…

As I have explained in a previous post I am high risk of complications of Covid. So of course I do my best to take precautions.

I try to eat healthier, get good amounts of sleep, take extra vitamins (C, D3, and zinc), and I try not to go out places that I really don’t need to go.

Those are the recommendations right? Okay so I have a household of 5 people. Six if I count my Mom, she lives downstairs. My three boys eat a lot!!! So before Covid I would stock up on things when I could.

Now with Covid I try not to go shopping every week, so when I do go, I try to get enough food to last us two weeks or longer.

Here is where things start to get a little crazy. We have seen limits on everything from toilet paper to canned goods. So for someone like me that doubles most recipes to feed my family, this can pose a dilemma.

There are ways of beating the limits. One way is go to more than one store. I do this on the regular anyways because I can’t get some things at my favorite store, Aldis. So I usually hit Walmart first, get what I need there and then hit Aldis.

Now with Covid, I still have my routine, but I pick up limited items from each of them so we can make it the two weeks between trips.

I found out yesterday it isn’t the stores imposing the limits, it’s the manufacturers. How did I find this out? I needed evaporated milk. I needed 4 cans because I need to double a recipe to feed my family. There were three types of evaporated milk. There was a two can limit on what I thought was one kind so I grabbed 4 of the other kind.

Well, I was checking out and the cashier told me there was a limit on them, but she would ring up two cans separately for me if I wanted her to.

I thanked her and explained how frustrating it is to try to follow the recommendations and not go out unnecessarily and get enough food for two weeks with the limits on items.

She agreed and told me how she has a pet gecko and she feeds it crickets. She went to buy some the other day and she could only buy 20. So she had to go back to the store the next day to get more.

None of this makes sense. Just add it to the long list of nonsense.

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