Something Stinks…

I have been gathering my thoughts on the whole cancel culture phenomenon taking place. As someone who tries to understand different perspectives and look at all sides of issues, I am having a very hard time wrapping my head around why all of a sudden some things are offensive and other things are not.

Let’s start with Pepe Le Pew, a cartoon skunk who growing up I watched him pursue a cat that unfortunately had a painting accident that made her look like a skunk. Pepe, became enamored by her immediately and quite aggressively pursued her, however she always rejected his advances. Never did I associate this cartoon as depicting rape culture or advocating rape culture.

Did I sometimes equate Pepe with the little boys on the playground that would chase us little girls and try to steal a kiss. Sometimes, because those little boys were stinky and dirty and I didn’t want those little boys kisses. However, those little boys usually got a fat lip, kicked in a delicate place, or pushed to the ground which taught them their behavior was unacceptable. As they grew up, their behavior changed to more appropriate. Do I think they were rapists in training? Hell no! They were little boys learning boundaries. As I look back at those days with adult eyes and knowledge, those little boys had poor impulse control, probably ADHD. Do I think Pepe influenced them? Hell No! I doubt they sat long enough at home to even watch a full episode.

While Pepe was given a voice and a personality, he was still a skunk. An animal and quite frankly his behavior was animalistic. Animals mate, that’s how they reproduce. Some animals do try mating with other species. This can be quite comical to witness. So I image the creator of Pepe might have witnessed a real skunk trying to mate with a real cat and the cartoon was born. Why do I feel this way?

One, most creative ideas come from reality to some degree. Two, I have witnessed animal behavior, that is odd and comical, however some would be offended by it. Point in case, I have a female fixed dog that regularly “humps” our female cat. The behavior is one exhibited by dogs with anxiety. So while on the surface it’s disturbing and comical all at once, there really is a logical reason for it.

If you have raised ducks, you will know their mating can be very aggressive in nature. Literally, two or more males will try to mate with a single female, the males will force the females underwater, and on some occasions we have witnessed male ducks trying to mate with other male ducks. We jokingly tell friends and family that if the ducks are out of their pen, they may see duck porn. Should we exterminate all ducks because they participate in rape like behaviors??

Oh, speaking of porn. Why is the cancel culture not going after the porn industry? The one that actually does promote rape culture. The one that anyone regardless of age has full access to if they have internet access. Why are they not going after the rappers who perpetuate rape culture in their music?

There needs to be a reason why they are targeting certain things and not others?

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