Peace and Tranquillity

Taking a break from cleaning and Holiday prep. As I look out my living room French doors I can see the setting sun leaving the horizon with hues of pink fading upwards to a pale blue, and blending into darker hues of blue with the silhouettes of trees against it, it makes me wish I knew how to paint. I wish I could share the beauty I see with the world. I could take a picture, and I have in the past, but it never seems to do it Justice and truly capture the essence of the sky.

The tranquility I feel when I look out and see this beautiful scenery is beyond words. My words are not adequate to describe the ever changing hues of the skyline.

In today’s ever changing chaotic world this scenery reminds me that we will be okay. We will survive the craziness. Sometimes though we just need to stop and listen to the universe and it’s message of peace and tranquillity.

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