When you want to organize your kitchen…

When you want to organize your kitchen and you realize you are running out of storage space, you start looking for a dining room hutch. When you realize you need a dining room hutch, you start looking online for one. When you start looking online for one, you find one you love. When you findContinue reading “When you want to organize your kitchen…”

The Great Gorilla Glue Gaffe….

An early morning a few weeks ago my husband was getting his first cup of coffee. He inadvertently knocked my favorite mug onto the floor shattering it. Apologetically he said he would get me a new one. Almost in tears I forgave him for the accidental demise of my favorite mug as we picked upContinue reading “The Great Gorilla Glue Gaffe….”

A Realist, an Optimist, and a Christian….

No, this isn’t a bar joke. I started this post at 5 am with some thoughts I had. It evolved and went in another direction than I originally planned. I am learning to let my thoughts and writing flow. Hopefully, it all makes sense. It could have been worse. You may ask “What could haveContinue reading “A Realist, an Optimist, and a Christian….”

Thanksgiving memories…

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. The days leading up to it were always filled with excitement and anticipation. I grew up in Connecticut, while most of my relatives lived in New Jersey or on Long Island, New York. So we always traveled for the holiday. My brothers and I got usedContinue reading “Thanksgiving memories…”