Voices from the other side

A few months ago I saw an advertisement for a local Medium doing a group reading. When I tried to get tickets, it was sold out. I was bummed, but said it wasn’t meant to be.

Then about a month ago I saw another advertisement that another evening event was planned. Ticket prices had gone up, and I was on the fence about going.

So I kind of forgot about it and then one night it was training night at the Firehouse and I wasn’t sure if I was going, but decided last minute to go.

During training a friend of mine said she needed to talk to me afterwards. After training we went outside and she said she didn’t know if I believe in psychic stuff or not, but she had gone to the medium and connected with her Dad and thought it might help me in dealing with my grief. I told her I was open to the belief in mediums being able to connect with the spirit world and had been interested in attending the group reading.

Knowing that she had a positive experience I asked two of my Best Friends and my Mom if they wanted to go and they all said yes. So I bought the tickets.

Well, tonight we went. Beforehand, I was talking with my Mom about being open minded, however skeptical at the same time. I said it would take specifics to really make me believe.

The medium started the group reading off very general explaining how things work and how some times she doesn’t understand what the spirits are saying, so she may misinterpret messages. Then a man came through for one of the other guests.

When she was done with that reading the medium stood in front of the room and looked directly at me. She then proceeded to say that the person coming through next was definitely for me and it was a woman. I said, “Okay”. I was thinking I have several women relatives on the other side, but didn’t say that. She said that the person was very happy to be with us tonight. And then she proceeded to walk just like my Aunt Pat. She talked about how she liked to paint. She brought up Christmas. She also brought up the pumpkin I brought her one of the last times I visited her. There were so many validations that it was her. There is no doubt in my mind it was her! And there was a man in a plaid shirt next to her at one point. I have no doubts that was my brother John. She brought up the J’s. I am sure it was my Dad and my brother.

It was an emotional but uplifting experience!! At the end my Mom asked the medium a question to ask my Dad. And yes, he came through and answered. I broke down when the medium said New Years was special for them. That is my parents anniversary!!

I will be going again, who knows who will come through next time!!

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