Early morning…

Eric had in person school today, normally this would be a non event. In today’s Covid world it is an event. It felt more like the “first “ day of school. There were last minute shuffles to find a lock and key for his toolbox. He has one, but couldn’t find it this morning. John found him one and that crisis was averted. Then there was the anxiety that kicked in. Eric wanted to go in early because he was bringing his toolbox. It was heavy and cumbersome, filled with almost all his tools required for his trade. More on that to be discussed later. I tried to call the school, however it was definitely too early for anyone to be there. It was before 6:30am. John and Eric decided just to head to the school. If they had to wait in the parking lot they would. Well, thankfully one of his shop teachers were there and he allowed Eric to put his toolbox in the shop. Anxiety attack averted!

Back to the tools in the toolbox. Usually the kids have all four years to acquire their tools for their respective shops. Not now, not with Covid and somehow I missed the original memo amid the plethora of weekly emails from the school. So it was a last minute rush to Lowe’s to get every tool on his tool list yesterday. It wasn’t fun, although Eric and I did have our banter moments. It took us approximately 2 hours! The kicker is we weren’t able to get all of the tools he needs. I will be going online and ordering the rest, to save my sanity.

Everything is different during Covid. School, shopping, and even life in general. We are surviving though and in the middle of a pandemic, I guess that’s all that truly matters.

2 thoughts on “Early morning…

  1. I completely understand!! Thank you for sharing this! Noah isn’t even in school right now and the change in day to day actions has him on edge all the time. I wont even get into the sensory issues with mask wearing, social isolation and eating out of boredom (quite the problem when your a T1D!). I will keep you guys in my prayers.

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