Early morning rambling

It is 5 am Thanksgiving morning 2020. I am awake but not ready to start my day. As is the case most mornings, my mind is filled with way too many thoughts.

I have been trying the last few days to ignore the election news, just for some sanity. Hoping, and praying it will all turn out okay by Inauguration Day.

The Biden supporters that I am friends with have gone quiet again. They were quiet before the election and got vocal when the mainstream media declared him a winner. However, they have gone silent. Are they realizing how he won was fraudulent? Are they hearing the things that mainstream media and big tech were suppressing about him? There are named witnesses, sworn affidavits of voter fraud, that’s what the courts call evidence. That’s what real journalists call verifiable sources. When people put their name and reputations on the line, people really should pay attention. They have the most to lose.

Any story I read, the most important thing to me, is if I can verify the information independently of that article. Especially from sources. Verifying an article with another article written with the same unverifiable information is not verified, it’s just echoing the information. That’s exactly what the big tech Fact Checkers do.

The truth needs to come out. Our country, and our freedoms depend on it.

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