Covid has us all on edge. We are tired. Covid fatigue is real. We are tired of seeing fellow humans die daily. We are tired of our daily lives disrupted.

We just went through our second Covid scare/ lockdown. One of my sons had been exposed by not just one person, but two, and possibly a third. So he immediately went and got tested and started to quarantine in his bedroom. Thankfully, he has his own bathroom and our house is big enough for us to all socially distance from one another.

However, this was a little more concerning since it wasn’t just one exposure. It was two definitely and possibly three. Adding to the craziness is that my two oldest sons ride into work together. So if son 1 tested positive, son 2 would have been exposed. This is where it starts to snowball. If son 2 tested positive, son 3 would have possibly been exposed since they share a bathroom.

Son 1 and Son 2 had to take a week off from work, unpaid. Son 3, had to distance learn even on days he was supposed to go in school. We put up a plastic shower curtain in the hallway between son 1 and my Mom’s dining room, they live downstairs, as an added protection. My husband is retired and I gave up my job to help son 3 through distance learning at the start of the school year, so us possibly being exposed wasn’t an impact on our jobs. Although, we had doctors appointments we had to cancel.

So we all got tested. Son 1 got his first negative results and decided to get tested again to be sure. He got his second test results, negative again, before the rest of us got our first results. We are all negative and we can all resume our normal activities.

Covid makes no sense though. There is no rhyme or reason to who gets it and who doesn’t. For all intents and purposes, son 1 should have tested positive, he was exposed to 3 people who tested positive on multiple occasions before they tested positive. He isn’t positive though and he has no symptoms. He was very sick back in January though and tested positive for the flu. He never gets sick, but he was very, very sick with a high fever and other flu like symptoms. Could he have had the flu and Covid? Is he immune? He doesn’t have antibodies, he was tested in May.

My husband also had been directly exposed a few weeks ago, we went through quarantine and testing then too. We tested negative multiple times. Again, my husband should have been positive.

We know several families that Covid has ripped through, several friends in the hospital currently, some on ventilators. And we know other families that one person has gotten it and everyone else has remained negative.

It makes no sense, logically or scientifically. I am thankful we remain negative and well. We continue to be vigilant in our precautions, but I can’t help but wonder why?

Why does it seem some people are more susceptible to the virus than others?

I pray all who have it currently are healed. I also pray for peace for those who have lost loved ones to it. I pray that it is eradicated from our earth.

And I pray we continue to remain negative.

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