Covid has us all on edge. We are tired. Covid fatigue is real. We are tired of seeing fellow humans die daily. We are tired of our daily lives disrupted. We just went through our second Covid scare/ lockdown. One of my sons had been exposed by not just one person, but two, and possiblyContinue reading “Negative”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Be blessed! Be thankful! Hope everyone has a Happy, Healthy, and safe Thanksgiving!

Early morning rambling

It is 5 am Thanksgiving morning 2020. I am awake but not ready to start my day. As is the case most mornings, my mind is filled with way too many thoughts. I have been trying the last few days to ignore the election news, just for some sanity. Hoping, and praying it will allContinue reading “Early morning rambling”

Peace and Tranquillity

Taking a break from cleaning and Holiday prep. As I look out my living room French doors I can see the setting sun leaving the horizon with hues of pink fading upwards to a pale blue, and blending into darker hues of blue with the silhouettes of trees against it, it makes me wish IContinue reading “Peace and Tranquillity”


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